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How is professional teeth whitening different from generic treatments?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments we provide in our St. Cloud, Florida dental office. Many people also have experience with drugstore or over-the-counter whitening kits, which usually provide disappointment results. Why is this so?

  • Professional teeth bleaching systems use customized whitening trays. Using impressions of your teeth, professional whitening trays fit snugly, distributing the bleaching gel uniformly over your teeth. This custom-fit also keeps the gel off your gums, preventing irritation.
  • Professional teeth whitening uses prescription-grade bleaching gel, which is designed specifically for long-lasting, predictable results.
  • With our at-home teeth whitening kits, you can call our dental office any time you have questions or have a concern. We’ll give you detailed instructions for using your teeth whitening kit.
  • If you need faster teeth whitening for a special event like a wedding or job interview, we offer in-office treatments in less than an hour.
  • You can reuse your custom whitening trays again for touch-ups. When stains start forming again, you can visit our dental office for additional whitening gel.
  • Generic whitening kits may cause more teeth sensitivity due to their abrasive chemicals and ill-fitting trays.

As you can see, the best teeth whitening is professional teeth whitening! It’s worth your investment and ensures a sparkling, standout smile that lasts.

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