Crowns and Bridges in St. Cloud, FL

Everyone wants a smile that is healthy and beautiful. At Lakeshore Dental Care, we take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your goals, and partner with you to provide exceptional dental care in the St. Cloud, Florida area.

With more than 30 years of experience in restoring damaged and missing teeth, our dentists provide expert dental crown and bridge placement. Using the most advanced materials and technologies, our precision-fit teeth restorations will let you smile with confidence again.

Decayed or broken teeth can cause numerous oral health and cosmetic dental problems, including tooth loss. A dental crown protects a weakened tooth by capping it with ceramic zirconia, the most durable material available.

Missing teeth can negatively affect other teeth, affect your ability to chew, and impact your appearance. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental bridge fills the gap and looks just like a natural tooth.

Protecting Teeth with Dental Crowns

A dental crown fits over a weakened or vulnerable tooth to protect it and restore its function. We place dental crowns to correct these problems:

  • Severely decayed teeth
  • After root canal treatment
  • Large, broken fillings
  • Fractured or broken teeth

We work closely with our high-quality local dental lab to ensure the best fit and years of reliable function.

Replacing Teeth with Dental Bridges

A dental bridge includes an artificial tooth and two dental crowns on either side. Since the bridge functions as a single unit, it provides stability for the artificial tooth. A dental bridge looks and functions like a natural tooth, giving you years of comfort and better oral health.

First, your dentist expertly prepares the tooth to receive a dental crown. We’ll take impressions of your teeth to ensure a perfect fit for your restoration, and your dentist will design a temporary crown for each prepared tooth.

When your restoration returns from the dental lab, you’ll visit our office again so that we can check the final fit and make adjustments, if needed. Once the dental crown or bridge fits perfectly, we’ll bond the restoration to your tooth.

Our experienced St. Cloud, Florida dentist will go over all the restoration options with you so that you feel informed and confident about your treatment. Whether you need to save a tooth or replace one, the team at Lakeshore Dental Care provides a compassionate, comfortable environment and enjoys building long-term relationships with our patients.

If you’re ready to get your smile back, call our dental office to schedule an appointment!